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Saturday, June 3, 2017

Foiled again! Without the heat too!

Over at Crafting with Dragonflies the new challenge in June is 

"Anything Goes"!

These always do well so expect a flood of entries Hilde!

I have been experimenting with some foil sheets, some glue, jac paper and embossing folders trying to follow the ideas of Stacey at Scrapbooking Made Simple on YouTube. I think the numbers are about 140 or 141 - I watched about three yesterday!

While I haven't quite perfected it yet, I think I am well on the way - I stopped playing and put some things together I had made earlier. They don't photograph that well but IRL they look fabulous indeed, catching the light every which way and reflecting it back. Looking at the card on the shelf now it looks as if there are small blue lights behind the butterfly!

Outside it was a bit more restrained.....
There is foil on all surfaces except the sentiment and I did try to do that too but it was a bit small to give clear lettering with the glue. Under the butterfly is foiled twice!
I have used two different foils - a gold one and a silver patterned one with hints of gold in it.
In addition, I used on the negative piece some gold Indigo Blue Mega Flake. 
You can see in the bottom of the photo below (left side) another butterfly foiled with an iridescent foil, and the negative was put onto card and then instead of adding another foil, I sprinkled it with glitter. I have not made a card for this yet - will so so now.......

I fussy cut the butterfly after I had put Zig glue on the stamp (washes off with warm soapy water) and stamped this onto white card; placed the first silver foil onto the stamped image and carefully pressed it into the glue with my fingers - you have to have the foil colour side UP - and carefully peeled the foil piece off the card. It left the outline of the butterfly - what you would see if it was inked and stamped. I will see what other glues work as well..... Flitter glue might......

The negative was then carefully put onto the sticky part of a piece of double sided card. Once it was obviously on, I took off the clear foil top and underneath was the negative on the card. To this I added the gold flakes and pressed them in, and then skitched the top with the skitchy thing - this gently scratched the foil top as well and dulled it a bit. All of this was then put this inside a card blank and rolled through the Big Shot in a sandwich with the plates to adhere the glue to the foils and flakes.

Next was a piece of jac paper on a piece of card; gold foil was on top of this; into an embossing folder and then rolled through the Big shot to impress the image. DON'T run it back through - once is enough I discovered - and then peel off the top layer. Layer up the bits. 

Outside in the sun it really sparked off colours

Rich and sparkly

You can see the gold flakes under the wings of the butterfly

I will definitely try this technique again!

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