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Monday, December 18, 2017

One Week !

What happens then? The big man in the red suit rides into town on a sleigh filled with presents and starts handing them out to people. Meanwhile his reindeer, who have pulled the sleigh, eat up the goodies left for them by the eager girls and boys. When the big man has finally wedged his way back out of the chimney - I did mention he climbs down your chimney.... they fly away for another year. If you have been naughty - he only leaves you a lump of coal under the Christmas Tree you have so beautifully decorated and put up in the main room; if you have been good, you get a present......

Image result for santa claus have to BELIEVE IN SANTA! Otherwise all of the above is obsolete. I did mention that I have been very good and I BELIEVE didn't I? (There is a big box with my name on it hidden in hubby's workshop and I think it is a Foiling Machine so I definitely believe!) Hopefully, it will not snow that least not here, as we are in the middle of summer and climate change is strange but not that strange please.

OK, I have been rambling, but as I cannot talk about the Ashes I had to talk about something.....

We are still midway through the challenge at Unstampabelles to

#75 Zentangle your way to Christmas.... 
TWIST make a non-traditional item

Prize: Random Number Draw

Emboss folder, diecut and some sparkle

I always need gift bags so that is what I ended up doing: putting a Zentangle I made onto a paper bag I had acquired whilst at the Dentist! It has the name of the practice underneath the drawing.

I saw the tangle on Pinterest and sort-off copied it a bit - as best I could
I used gold pens and pink and yellow pens with the fine black.

My stars are wobbly and my sweeps and swoops and swags are clunky and don't flow as well as they should but I was still quite pleased with my work so took the page out of my workbook and added to it a Christmas sentiment sticker - not a stamp!

Hubby was impressed. 

It will hold a medium sized parcel/present

I have a back issue so standing and wrapping really puts me under pressure. I like using the bags as not only do they look good, I get rid of them, people often reuse them and they are easier to pack. People also have something to take the loot home with as well! Or, if you are the Grandson, take the loot to the bedroom and hide the candy!!!!

You have until the end of December to enter the challenge and it does not have to be a Christmas item!

You can enter 


scrAPpamondo said...

Your drawing skills are many more good that mine! :)I don't see any defect in your zentangle, it's very pretty! Great idea using it for a bag and I agree, a bag is more useful and quick than paper wrappings! :D

scrAPpamondo said...

P.S. I believe in Santa: if I don't believe in him, he will not take me any presents!!! :D LOL

Anonymous said...

A great zentangle. Love gift bags and I re use them! I just hope I don't give one of the girl's friends the same bag they gifted us - but then again recycling and upcylcing is more in favour than it once was. I remember when it was seen as being a little tight fisted! Hope you have a wonderful Christmas with your family.