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Monday, May 21, 2018

One, Two, Three - Challenge #79 at Unstampabelles

Hello Peeps - another Unstampabelles challenge is running for May and is now halfway through. You need to be in it to win it! I have some ideas for you but before then, look at this beautiful sunset!

A spectacular sunset over the Bay of Fires thanks to ‘The Nomad Logs’ who says:

One of the most spectacular sunsets we've seen. We spent hours there walking in the Bay of Fires and were treated to a hot firey sky to complement the red rocks.

If that doesn't get creative juices flowing.......

What is the current challenge, I hear you ask?

1, 2 and 3 items 

Twist - journal about it

Now, your 1, 2 and 3 can be 3 different items you made or perhaps you added 1, 2 and 3 different items to your craft piece or you used the numbers 1, 2 and 3 somewhere in your work or......

The TWIST is to journal about your journey whilst making the item 
- tell us all about it!

Yes, there is a prize for this in a random number draw of entries that meet our criteria

This week I made some tags.......

You know I have a kitten called Weasley?
Well, he isn't spoiled at all.......

Life is obviously hard.....
commandeering Dad's chair to recover from playing too hard....even the toy is wrecked!!!

I have purchased a few toys at different times for him (although the pink teddy is a favorite)  and they came attached to big cardboard tags ready made!

Apart from the holes they were perfect to be repurposed....

So, my 1 is a CAT
My 2 are the two colours - blue and green  - used as background on the tags
My 3 - 3 tags of course!

Firstly - I painted several coats of heavy white gesso on all three tags and dried them - they got left with a textured look as the paint went on over a glossy surface. You could see the brushstrokes and in some cases the paint bubbled as I dried it.

I then used Dylusions paint on the top and bottom of each tag and dried them again
I stencilled some yellow paint and black ink onto them also to make them more interesting.
Then using Pinterest to get me going I began to create some scenes...

This tag was made using a piece of left over card like wood made with a texture paste and then inked. It was a thin strip left over and I trimmed it again and used the cut off bit to make a limb. I used various dies - rabbit, flowers and bird to build up a scene and a gold dragonfly to finish off!
The dies were cut into scrap card and the ribbon comes from my Mother's Day gift!

I hand wrote the sentiments on all three tags.
I also added added some black card to the back of each tag to cover up the commercial writing and give some space to write a message on the tag.

This one is my favorite I think
I used two left over sunflowers from Hilde's Birthday Bash here
I drew the leaves and stems and used my SU markers to colour them in
The sentiment was written out and then cut up and put onto the tag.

The bottom of the tag either has patterns stencilled onto it or tangled onto it.
The ribbon is some lace from SU
The centres of the sunflowers has been covered with sparkle....

The roundish tag was not as successful - it is supposed to be two flowers in a vase.....
again I used scrap papers to make the petals and the centre and the centre has been flooded with Crystal Effects - but it is a bit cold today and it didn't dry off as well before I added them.

Again the ribbon is the one on my Mother's Day present 
You can see near the ribbon where the paint bubbled

Well, there you have it - three tags!
I had fun making these and wish also to thank the people on Pinterest for their inspiration - you will know who you are....

1 comment:

scrAPpamondo said...

Three lovely tags full of details! You have recycled thetoy's tags so well, and love the repurposing of the holes! Thanks for the inspirations!

....Weasley has found a fabulous place to relax after his hard work! LOL :)