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Monday, June 4, 2018

Flowers for Unstampabelles

Hello Peeps - it's June and it's winter already. I am keying this in while sitting over a heater trying to keep warm despite wearing a jumper (sweater).  It is a calm, blue day outside. There will be a pretty sunset tonight I think.

This photo was taken by Kate Sice, the owner of Botanical, my favorite flower shop in Hobart. 
This is the outside of her shop one day last week, with the reflection of the old building over the road in her window. 

Unstampabelles June challenge is Flowers and More Flowers
The TWIST is to bling it up!

I made a card....

I used my foil machine to create the fame and the sentiment

Commercially made flowers - not sure who made these or where I got them - I have drawers full of flowers and containers full of flower dies........ obsessed? Perhaps......these are made with white lace and tulle and are very pretty. The little pink ones came from D'Lish.....

The gold frame was foiled first and it embossed too as I had a thick  piece of card in the mix. However, when I tried to get the same result with the sentiment it didn't quite work as well. 

Out of the direct light and taken with a flash the gold looks almost black in places

On to a Weasley tale (tail?)........

Last night about 9.30 he escaped outside when I foolishly opened the laundry door thinking he was not around. He leapt over my foot and ran down the back stairs to the garden. I did initially go after him but realised it was hopeless - I could not see in the dark! 

However, I know he is a scardy-cat so I came back upstairs and closed the door a bit and waited - sure enough, five minutes later he is skulking at the bottom of the stairs and when I went and picked him up there was little resistance! I went to the laundry again this morning and he was at the door in a flash - trying to get out! He tried to tell me he was not planning an escape again.........

...I didn't believe him!

1 comment:

scrAPpamondo said...

There are never flowers enough, I think... :D I too love them.
Great use of your foiling machine! I haven't it, but I can see how lovely are the shining designs it could do! Wonderful card!
Weasley has found a new world outside the door, full of very interesting things... You do so well to not believing him!!:D I think he is a young adult male cat, now, so most likely he hopes to meet a lovable female cat... :)