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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

We've got clever mices!

Several weeks ago we started to discover small insignificant things that annoyed us around the house - a little puddle here, a bit of a mess there.  Nothing smelly or nasty but enough to convince us that we were sharing our space with SOMETHING! As I am arachnophobic, I only hoped with wasn't a beastie with lots of scuttling legs. Then I found a small wee one in HUB's workshop downstairs and cleverly (I thought) captured it by the simple expedient of putting a block of wood over its escape hatch (the top of the garbage bin it was in). HUB came home and I pointed it out to him and he  looked at the offender ( a field mouse) and then went and let it out in the garden because he has a soft heart and could not kill it either!  Lately it has become obvious (small black droppings) that there is most probably a field or house mouse or several mice living upstairs in the kitchen with us. Soooo, sent HUB out for a mouse trap - being a traditionalist, he came home with two traditional mouse traps and set them with a piece of cheese.  Next morning, nothing. I then set them the following night with bread and honey! Nothing. Two nights ago I upped the anti, and set them with bread, honey and peanut butter!!!! Yesterday, the bread was gone, but the traps were STILL SET.  Clever mice.

I went and purchased more expensive traps - the kind that the mouse goes inside and the door shuts and they are trapped there. This morning, the doors were closed - AHAA, we thought; but, no mice inside (or bait). Very smart mice and starting to be well fed mice.

Today I was too busy, but I think I will have to get poison bait. Then we shall see if the mice are as smart as they seem!!!!!!  I will try again tonight but I have a feeling they will just be dancing all over the kitchen floor and laughing with glee when they see those traps again - foolish humans, feeding us!

Here is a card I made for a swap at I Brake for Stamps Club.  The theme was Wings, and I made this and sent it to the USA to Winsrella, who tells me she now has it.  So, here it is, made with an IBFS rubber stamp.

1 comment:

Sue W said...

Oh what a funny story Susan......they've come in out of the cold!!!
Good Luck!!!!

Love this cute little image makes for a charming card!