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Monday, July 31, 2017

Re-purposing Stuff!

Have you ever had the feeling when something you own has come to it's end that to throw away the empty container would be a waste? I was given a lovely container of hand cream (a gift from New Zealand) and the container was small, round and white - perfect for re-purposing or recycling!

Over at Eclectic Ellapu, Elaine wants the DT to prepare inspiration for an "Anything Goes" challenge for the month of August! We all know how they just fly! I decided to turn my small tub into a container for sequins or similar (I have a lot of them spilling everywhere; ditto seed beads) and I wanted it to look pretty on my desk. 

Of course it could hold other stuff - I also have a small but growing collection of old jewelry;some found, some thrown away; some the only part of a lost know the idea - to useful to throw away because they might come in handy at some stage! They take up space though and the small tub is big enough for most of after the photo shoot I went back to the idea of sequins!

I decided not to paint the plastic as it was quite a good white anyway. I glued some white lace to the bottom part and threaded some gold string through this - took me ages to do!

The lid had a gold line on it so I just positioned some ribbon around the top, allowing the gold to show.

The top layer really didn't need to have much bulk as it will get in the way of taking the lid off and on, so I kept it fairly flat despite layering - first the doily, then some scrap card from waste; the music is from a Christmas card and the bird a punched shape, as is the branch, from SU. The flower I have had in my collection for over 2 years now. 

Some bling to finish off.....

Simple but I think it is effective and I get another container to put stuff in!!!

If you go to Eclectic Ellapu, you will see what the other DT members made for this challenge and perhaps contemplate entering yourself?

You have a month to enter and can enter more than once.........

Oh, the pretty bit.....your reward for reading so far!

How cute is this little fella?

A gorgeous Eastern Quoll exploring Cradle Mountain thanks to ‘Scot Down Under’

Male eastern quolls are about the size of a small domestic cat averaging 60 cm in length and 1.3 kg in weight; females are slightly smaller. They have thick, soft fur that is coloured fawn, brown or black. Small white spots cover the body except for the bushy tail which may have a white tip. Compared to the related spotted-tail quoll, the eastern quoll is slightly built with a pointed muzzle.


Reusing Cards & Quilling said...

The repurposed container looks pretty :)

Anonymous said...

Yes for sure. My kids ask before they put any containers in the recycling cause they know I re pupose them. Glass jars for taking to the food store, making lemon butter or storing buttons, empty make up jars for sequins and google eyes and then the plastic food tubs for WIP projects storage! I never decorate them though.
Perhaps I should start decorating them and make a dent in my stash of bits and pieces.
Great project it will look pretty sitting on your work space.

Elaine aka Ellapu said...

This will look fab on your desk and very handy too. Perhaps I should start altering stuff like that. love it sweetiexx

Judy McKay said...

Very pretty box Susan. It will make a beautiful gift. Have a creative week. Judy