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Monday, July 10, 2017

Smash Book - what is that!

A Smash Book is a kind of journal - in my case,  one where I experiment with techniques and try and get arty - and I have a record of it. I use an old book by Jane Fonda with a hardback cover. I tear out some pages, glue up some more and then gesso an open double page to work in.

This page was done in a futile attempt to get my mojo working again!!!!

It is still a bit wet here - the photo's are Darkroom Door chips.

Gesso, sprays, paints, tissue, tape stencils, chips, texture paste......

This page was meant to be quieter but it lost it's steam and the texture paste camera in white doesn't show out at all well. The quote  strip is impossible to read also here.

This is for the  July Unstampabelle's challenge 

#70: Every Day is Special 

TWIST lots of colour

Living each day is special - lot's of people don't manage that! 
Some live but in a world without colour.  Let's brighten up their world. 
My Smash Page is meant to be a celebration of life  and the enjoyment that being young and single can bring to us all......

This is the prize:
The ruler indicated the size of the die

Here is something to inspire you even more!
From the top of Mt Wellington at sunrise.....
this was on the Hobart and Beyond website last week

Oooooh looky here! You can almost feel the briskness in the air as this intrepid photographer braved the cool (read freezing!) of the morning to capture sunrise from Mt Wellington / kunanyi. Alex did not that he hit the snooze button one time too many and as such, it is the latter half of the sunrise we are seeing but hey, who's complaining? 

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Anonymous said...

With everything going on you have still managed to create a fantastic altered piece.