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Monday, April 11, 2016

Cow Bombie!

At Unstampabelles we always like to do things  a little different, and this week is no different! 

My card uses a wine label from a winery in Margaret River, Western Australia, called I think Cow Bombie. However, the name has a different meaning to the one you assume when you see the image on the label - it is a surfing term and refers to a surfing beach in the Margaret River area  (more information re that here) and suffice to say it is about a VERY BIG wave.

(photo from Wikipedia)

This is the image on the label and yes, that is the right way up! No, that is not the spilled wine dribbling down the bottle, it is part of the label......

A friend of mine who can drink reds (I cannot, as I am allergic to them.....), often passes her interesting wine labels (bottle and all, empty unfortunately) on to me, and if I can remove the label and use it I will do so. 

This week my friend lost her only daughter at age 34 to cancer.
She still collected bottle labels for me
This was one of three interesting labels she gave me when I visited her

I made this card as a result

Because death does not have to defeat us -and her daughter was  beautiful, courageous, funny, vital, irreverent, different and a total delight
Vale Louise - may your star always shine bright

Obviously the cow is the fauna - and here is the flora

Sticky strip of sparkly stars - I cut the strip in half vertically

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Then make a project to enter our challenge there - no stamps please.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I love a nice red. Great re-purposing of the label.
So sorry for you and your friend's loss. 34 is way to young.