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Monday, May 2, 2016

Upcycling with a Purpose!

 Creative Upcycling 

TWIST use something you have had in your craft room for a year or more
Prize is a word die plus an additional gift of 4 metal girls with balloons.

Your older item can be adorning the  upcycled item or it can be the item!

I started with a small rectangular cardboard box that had contained 
a small bottle of Tasmanian Whiskey

It is about 13 cm tall and about 2 cm square

I also had a piece of hessian with gold stripes that came in some packaging and has been laying around for quite a while on my desk waiting to be used

I have had the Indigo Blue Mega Flakes for over a year now, and have avoided using them - mainly because I could not see how to use them effectively

I took the box apart and coated it with glue - but I didn't use enough glue or cover it completely or something, because I got a mixed coverage.  I add more glue and pressed on some more of the flakes and then decided I liked the result so stopped - you can still see the figures but the writing has been obscured enough to hide what it was actually used for before the transformation.

I patted the flakes on and then used a tissue to burnish over the whole to lift all the smallish bits
It still has some sticking up but the extra texture look appeals to me so I left them

I probably should have painted it first or something, but did not have the time. 

The box easily holds four chocolates so I ate two from the others and put the rest away for after!

I cut the hessian in half and wrapped one piece around the box, tieing it on with blue string. 

I tied a small blow but decided it did not look enough

So, I made a tag with the other piece of hessian and just tied the ribbon through the tag. 
I die cut the Thanks and added it - there is room then to write on the back of the tag. 

Hope this explained what I upcycled (or recycled) and why; it took about 30 minutes to put together, so I was pleased with the effect and the effort. 

Why not upcycle something yourself?
Enter it at Unstampabelles

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Anonymous said...

Your upcycling is fantastic! You always create the most amazing things.
I was at a market yesterday where a lady makes jewellery from empty coffee pods - truly little works of art.