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Monday, November 7, 2016

Unstampabelles is asking for us to Resist!

Now, this is a hard one! I know how to use resist with stamps and so I didn't think about this being hard until I started to create something for the challenge. Before I begin - the annual photograph of the rhododendron in the garden outside my craft room - poor thing is getting a bit leggy and needs to be fed I think, and it gets blown about and blasted with the occasional salt water bath from the river, but still looks lovely.

This is the prize for November at Unstampabelles

Well, I had a thought about embossing powder so went with that!
As I cannot stamp I used a stencil I made by die cutting the circle into some old thicker card
While die cutting I also did the Santa and sleigh out of black sparkly card - you can see it on the glass top here - it looks a bit spidery........

Anyways, I sticky taped some watercolor paper onto the glass, and then laid the stencil over this - I rubbed the Versamark over the circle and then used the pen to highlight the smaller dots

Orange EP from SU was used - bright eh!

Once I had heat embossed this, I sprayed the sheet with water...

....and puffed in some paint!

I gave it another squirt with the water spray

I had some run-off, so wiped it off with another sheet of card - actually, I ended up with 2 sheets and stain all over my pinkies!

Outside to dry off in the sunshine, next to the rhodie!

This is what I did with the finished sheet - after I had rubbed it gently with a tissue to remove any excess paint on the embossed section.

I admit it does look good. 

Except the sentiment s crocked - but it is staying that way!

Why not go over to Unstampbelles, and see what else is there - and then have a go at resisting!

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