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Monday, November 14, 2016

Unstampabelles and Resistance

What do the aliens say when they land - "Resistance is futile; resistance is futile"  (I think I was channeling Darleks then) - anyway, you know you want to have a go at this challenge so why not!

Before that - here is a cute photo of (wet) wildlife here in Tassie this morning by that wonderful photographer Greg Faull

Can you see the joey? 

See - resistance is futile. You get a bath whether you want it or not!

Challenge £63 at Unstampabelles
Resistance Technique
Twist - tell us how in your blog

So, what do I have that illustrates resistance?

This week I tried using a candle as a pen to act as a resist. It is sort of OK, so I will share it - remembering everything is a learning experience, and we grow through experimentation! (Sounds like aliens again)

Firstly, I wrote a message on a sheet of watercolour paper using the sharp end of the candle - I think the wick got in the way!

Then I washed it over with ink using my new ombre pad - I pressed the pad into the glass top and sprayed it with water, then lay the paper over it. I tried to get the ombre effect as well on the sheet; I finished it off with a paint brush 

The I sprinkled it with salt while it was wet 

Salt on watercolor paint when wet leaves a speckled impression - like snow falling perhaps....
of course, brush off salt when dry!
Another type of resistance........

I used the sheet created to make another Christmas card and so I added some red pen to the white writing  to highlight it - but it resisted my pen too so is only there in parts!

Here is another go at resistance using candle and salt that failed.  
You can see bits of resistance in the white showing through the yellow colour

I stencilled with ink onto the card afterwards
Both the sentiment and the christmas tree
I added the metal angel with a dimensional

I also smooched sparkle over the tree and the sentiment
I guess the stencil was a type of resist as well

I wanted an Australian scene when I first began this card so that is why it is yellow and blue skies - a Christmas in Australia is in summer.

No entries yet to the resist - people are too stumped by Trump perhaps?
Resistance is the word for the time!!
Get out there and resist and add your work to our challenge at 

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