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Friday, December 2, 2016

Late again for my post for Eclectic Ellapu ...

...which is to be all about Jingle Bells! The bells can be in your project either as a 2D image or in 3D as real bells. Or you could do both!

If you go over to Eclectic Ellapu you will see that both Pink and Purple Teams are offering a Christmas challenge but as I am currently in the Purple Team you need to scroll down to the link. As you do so you will see the beautiful work other DT members have created for this challenge (and the Pink one too) to inspire your creativity!

Can you hear the jingle of bells? 
In this part of the world, Santa is likely to arrive in board shorts and bare feet, and his reindeer are having a well earned rest in the shed out back, while the big white boomers (kangaroos) are dragging the sleigh around.  What was that noise? I'm certain I heard a bell tinkling........someone obviously saw which way he went apparently........

 from Peron Dunes at St Helens on Tassie's far north-east coast thanks to Tayla Jayne Images

My part in the DT inspiration is a recycled gift bag and tag to hold a Christmas present for someone under the tree. I used an old brown paper shopping bag, some Christmas paper and card, and an old Christmas card received 2 years ago, cut up now and reused. The tag has part of the inside and the bag has the outside of the card.

After some measuring, using double sided tape and careful placement, the bag was completed, and I added some gold ribbon in a bow. 

The card came from Japan, and the red bit has been die cut and glued over some cream card
(not by me)

The tag had the inside piece - which in the original card stood up as you opened the card - glued down over some paper strips on the green card tag. 
I added some gold sequins, some bells and some ribbon

You can write on the back of the tag
Here it is tipped sideways so you can see Santa flying away with the reindeer across the face of the moon, and little Japanese children being delighted to know he had visited them!

When you move the bag the bells jingle nicely. 

Our tree always stands in this window - it will not go up until closer to the day and I will not leave the present there either - too many curious eyes to look at it before hand and peek inside. But for now, it is there waiting..............

Hope Santa remembers to leave me something too......

Merry Christmas to all
and especially to my Eclectic Ellapu friends!

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Elaine aka Ellapu said...

Beautiful tag and upcycled brown bag - gorgeous hun xx