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Monday, February 27, 2017

Final Week for the Anything Goes Challenge at Unstampabelles

You have five days left to get an entry in to this challenge. Many people have gone before you and they all comment on how much they enjoyed the experience of going cold turkey - ie without stamping! It really can test the ingenuity. In fact I am finding sometimes I have to make myself look for a stamp rather than something else when I am making something for another challenge or at least not for Unstampabelles. 

I found myself making another box for this challenge. It is because I saw this on Pinterest and thought how cute it was and so I had to make one. The one I saw also contained manicure and pedicure items and that was what attracted me I think. It was very easy and the finished product was filled with some manicure/pedicure things - more than is shown here as I added some later - and given as a gift to a friend.

The lid hinges up and then closes by slipping down with the side flaps inside and this holds it shut.
This was the prototype for me so it is not as neat as I would like but it wasn't too bad. Learning where to put the glue is the main bit. I used my SU scoring board to score all the lines at once. 

The 'sentiment' on the front is a wooden one I got from D-lish - I get a kit a month from them and if you don't use it up straight away they do build up but they are usually soooooo cute.......and of course I always need new stash (uhum)........and pieces often come in useful like this one! Enough excuses - I mixed two diferent embossing powders together to get this pinkish red and wet embossed the wood diecut. I also added some glitter to the mix but I should also have remembered to use a clear EP over the top as the glitter does not always get caught and comes off a bit.

I like the reference to beauty and to the personal in the pun as I was going to fill it with beauty products. The strip of glittery card and a strip or two of washi tape on top allowed me to decorate without too much bulk. You could do what ever you wanted of course and go to town, but I went for a simpler look. A ribbon bow on the diecut and that was it. 

So another box for Unstampabelles this month 

Let's see what you came up with.

I will leave you with this photo taken by a friend of mine (Hi Glenda) during the Wooden Boat Festival - no she (the boat) is not a wooden boat  - she is the Ovation of the Seas: a huge Cruising Boat - and she called in that weekend at Hobart. Here she is wedged between the iconic Art School in buildings built in the 1840's  (left side) as a factory and a newly created Hotel (as yet unnamed and incomplete) reconstituted out of another old wharf building shed Number 3 (right side). The building in front of her is also an old shipping shed (No 2) refurbished to allow easy access on and off the wharf for people off various cruise ships. This is a 10 minute walk from the city centre. 

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Anonymous said...

Fabulous. Hadn't thought to mix glitter to make my own colour. The wooden die cut is "beautiful". Bet your friend liked the little gift.