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Monday, March 27, 2017

An end to Punctuation in sight!

ED: I cannot believe I didn't get this up yesterday! So sorry about that. Late AGAIN!!

We are coming up to the last week of the challenge at Unstampabelles to Add Punctuation to your work and to take the twist challenge and make it (slightly) amusing!

For my last piece I have reverted back to making a card and have CASed one from Pinterest as it made me laugh out loud when I first saw it. However, before showing that I will show you some more of my State Tasmania.

My regular photo selection this week contains three photos by Jason Robinson. 

He went up in a helicopter above the Huon River, in a valley just south west of my place. 

This is the river Huon with Huonville to the left of the bridge in the distance
Mt Wellington is behind the helicopter and they were travelling south.

This little township below is called Ranelagh (pronounced Ran-e-la)
You are looking south to the Hartz Mountains and the river 
This area used to be full of apple orchards and still grows lots of cherries
and a lot of vineyards.
Yes, we need some rain now - things are a bit dry....

Now on with my card

I started with some letters and a pencil and ruler.
Who still has letter stickers in their stash?
They do occasionally get a run now. 

I started with the letter A in the middle of the card and built the word letter by letter out each side until I had the whole word. You can see the ruled line to keep me on the straight and narrow. 

I winged it with the words on the top of the sheet - not too badly out of alignment.

Die cut of a pair of spectacles and some small googly eyes....

...and some pen work...

...then some mounting onto the card to complete.

Isn't that too cute!

Love a good pun. 
You still have a week to complete a project and enter it at Unstampabelles 

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