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Monday, March 13, 2017

Second Week of Unstampabelles March Challenge

The days are winding down a bit earlier and the chill is beginning to make its way into the evening but I just went outside and my tomato plant is taller than me and laden with fruit, the sun is shining and the air is laden with steamy moisture, as it rained last night and again this morning. It is probably only about 21 but it feels warmer. Autumn is upon us but my tomato's don't want to know about it!

This photo was taken several weeks ago

Now you can see it is taller and leaning over to the right because it is so top heavy and I need to restring it to the balcony for support. Also the leaves are turning yellow.
You can see how the chilli plant is also much bigger and is flowering

These are the other ones on the other balcony below. They are also taller and fuller and yellower now and producing lots of green fruit with a few yellow and red ones gradually appearing.

They are all potted and so need to be watered every day
The fruit is still primarily green but everyone is experiencing the same problem apparently unless you are growing them in a glasshouse. 

I have had a very busy fortnight with my husband rushed off to hospital again with a temperature of 40 and quite sick. He spent 10 days in there and has just come back home. His diagnosis was an apparent bacterial infection in the blood. Many antibiotics later he is home and seems to be getting better.

I could not really settle to make anything crafty so started to tidy away some of the mess that has built back up after Christmas and found a photo of my husband and myself taken quite a time ago in Melbourne at a birthday party for hubby's best friend. Ian was just turning 70 - he has since died and so the photo was quite poignant for me. Instead of putting it away I stopped cleaning up and scrapped it!

It was put together using another kit from D'lish and some pretty and bright buttons given to me by Meg at PMT (Polly and Meg's Treasures). The buttons were on my desk so I just picked up stuff from the stash that went with them and built it around them, the kit and the wooden sign. 

I added a line under the wood - an you see it does not have any colour or sparkle on it here?

The stencil was part of another kit from D'lish and I used some Cosmic Shimmer paste

This stencil was with the kit I used called 'Geometric Crush' 

I decided to colour up the wooden sentiment and used Copic pen and then went over it with Kiddy Glitz to get the same look as the Cosmic Shimmer.

The heart die is Elliana Heart Memory Box and it is cut from SU Curry Crush card

The paisley shimmery card is from packaging that came with Christmas present of PJ's - they arrived in a box with a sleeve, and this is part of the sleeve. The box is now being utilized to store my bling! The glassene envelope was in the kit as was the journalling card.

I apologize for the red hair - I have no longer got henna in my hair but it was all the rage in 2002 I believe! I still have the curls and the double chin and that scarf! The clothes have long been passed on - no longer fit me!

This is a photo of it with the wooden piece uncoloured. 
Which one is best? Not sure myself but what is done is done. 

It took me about an hour to pull stuff out, put it together, apply the paste and dry it off and journal. 

Where is the punctuation? 
In the journalling!

I don't think a plus sign is punctuation.

You can enter HERE by scrolling down to the linky at Unstampabelles!

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Anonymous said...

Fabulous layout. Love the chip board coloured and blinged.