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Sunday, April 23, 2017

Using Sue Wilson dies........

WARNING: Photo heavy - long post

A few weeks ago, Sue Wilson (from Creative Expressions, USA) came to Tasmania and did a weekend workshop for a small business at Spreyton called Bev's Cross Crafts.

I was booked in to go to this - had paid my money, booked accommodation for three nights and organised the husband. It was going to be awesome. Then he got sick and was hospitalised.....we waited a week; he was still there - eventually I cancelled the trip and organised for Bev to send me the kits after the weekend. She was very kind and agreed to do this and to die cut and add bits that I might not have before sending them to me. As this was three days beforehand I was very grateful.

Last week the kits all arrived - and as promised, Bev had precut and glittered and polished, with papers pierced and embossed and each kit was sent with a set of information sheets. I had to watch one Youtube demo and I was able to make all the cards.

One thing I had not realised is how big the dies are and how big Sue Wilson makes her cards. Also I am used to the folded card, so seeing a card that is just one sheet with many layers was a bit of a shock! I did cut down two of the kits to fit cards but in the end I just went with the size - they will be special cards!

Over two days, I have made these cards up and so I will now share them with you - remember, they're not my design; I did not die cut anything or indeed cut anything - all I did was put them together and add a little glue!


I did cut this down.....
It uses the Cascading Butterfly die and some Pixie Powder's
I was supposed to add more water to these but chose not to as the effect under the ascetate of the powders already looked so pretty I left them.....(that's my story, anyway: nothing to do with the fact that I realised I had not re-activated them until much later...)

Sue's card is a square (about 7" square I think) but I cut mine down to a commercial big square of 5" x 5" so had to redo the piercing and cut the sentiment up. I ran a black marker pen around the edge of these before adding them. Mine has a ribbon of card across the page but Sue's design was a full page with the butterflies in the middle. 

You can see the layering detail here - the butterflies were die cut and then die cut again - once in white and then in black.

Despite not being activated the pixie dust under the acetate looks good

Love the sentiment stamp too


I cut this one down too and made a card blank for it from an A4 folded in half and trimmed a bit on one side......that's how big it is.

The die set is called Indian Ocean - Mauritius

It looks like fancy window shutters -can you see the second set of black underneath the white? 

The black panel had been embossed and had gold gilding polish on it

More detail

Note the pearl strips either side

This is the completed card

No more adjusting - I just did what I was told

Mostly - I did add some blue glue and gold rusty paint..........

It is a stunner - the porthole opens!
The die set is called Porthole - of course

Nifty little catch...the die set has all the components 

The scene inside more clearly......

The 'ahoy' is double cut and glued together


Candy Machine Die

This has so many layers, two of them a stiff foam with the centre cut out.
There is silver behind the red machine, under the white
The round treat cup is available as well
Bev even supplied the sweets......

I used an SU embossing folder on the front card to give it more texture

Behind the sweets is a cute die cut sentiment Sweets for the Sweet - as the sweets empty out it shows more clearly

This mechanism works!
It is made of card and a wooded handle

Here the wooden handle is upright and closed again 

I chose to put my sentiment flags this way


All glittery and has gilding flakes on the background
I just built this one up - layer on layer (6 in all)
The main dies are Atlantic Ocean Background and Jessica

The use of double sided jac paper for the gilding flakes and the glitter is genius. 

pretty flower is six added together - 2 sets of three (Chrysanthemum)

See the gilding flakes on the back of the sticky sheet shinning through??

On the front of the sticky sheet is glitter - Ice Snow - you can see it glittering!

A very pretty BIG card


Again -  lots of layers
Pacific Ocean Dies Fiji and Tahiti

The embossed card was white but had been gilded with Platinum Gilding Polish

Pierced borders again

Lots and lots of borders (8 in total before the front piece)

Now I have to work out my potential shopping list........

Thanks Bev - I enjoyed putting the kits together very much - nearly made up for missing the weekend. 

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KarenB said...

Oh wow, these are awesome! They are all fabulous designs; it looks like a lot of thought went into putting the kits together to feature a range of interesting techniques. Such a shame to miss the workshop but looks like you had fun making the cards. My favourite one is Ahoy with the port hole opening.