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Saturday, April 1, 2017

What is the Difference?

Hi Peeps

Over at Eclectic Ellapu we are being invited to a new challenge for April

 - and it is simply the words 

"Vintage or Shabby Chic"

Now, I am not sure what the difference is between these two so I had to look it up!

1. Too old to be considered modern, but not old enough to be considered antique. Often used to describe items for sale online such as ebay auctions or craigslist posts though may also be found in printed listings such as classified ads. Can also be a euphemism for "heavily used" items.

2. Retro, recently out of style with potential to make a comeback
Something (maybe someone, i.e., Joan Collins) that's rather worn out/tattered yet has a touch of understated class.
Example of a shabby chic attire: 

Slightly ratty but damn gorgeous Prada handbag, with a pair of Vivian Westwood slacks, and perhaps some frayed cashmere sweater.
or this one
A "style" invented by paint manufacturers to promote painting things then rubbing most of it back off, and people with no money who don't mind living with old crap battered furniture.
I love your shabby chic furniture, it looks so.... old and crap!

Now, did that help? No, didn't help me either. 
Anyway, here is my version of a Shabby Chic, Vintage card......
I used some texture paste and a stencil and created some words on a sheet of card packaging
and then smeared around some ink

I added some flowers and stuff I had including lace,  doilies and cameos

I roughed up the edges of the mounts and inked them again. 

It looks too fresh to be vintage and not shabby enough to be shabby chic - anyway 'tis done!

This happens to be a card as I needed one for a birthday but you can make any item you want for Eclectic Ellapu!
A reminder that you have a month to get something done.


Judy McKay said...

Beautiful Susan - love the colours and the flowers are so pretty.

Elaine aka Ellapu said...

and beautifully shabby chic too hun. Love all the pretty flowers and the cameo too xx

Anonymous said...

Great card.
Love the descriptions - especially shabby chic! even though I don't know the difference.

Team Clark said...

Wow! This is such lovely shabby chic inspiration! Gorgeous flowers & layering. Hugs, Autumn