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Monday, September 11, 2017

Sometimes, things only have a job to nourish the soul......

.......and this time was one of them!

I was playing - and I was on Pinterest: a dangerous situation........
I saw a small basket made with a toilet roll - and had to have a go myself

It was going to be tiny 'cause toilet rolls are small

When I cut it open I saw this message inside - made me laugh!
Bet you didn't know that was inside your toilet rolls.
Notice that there are three cut strips either side?

It really is quite small - I used glue dots to hold each arm in place.
Now, what will I do with it?

I decided to try and cover it with some Pixie Dust (newly purchased) and not yet put away.....

The paper under the basket  is one I used to wipe up the residue - that will be used later, too juicy a piece to throw away......once I had covered it as best I could. This was done by simply puffing powder onto the little basket and then spraying it with a water mister until I was happy with the coverage. It nearly fell to bits until it dried so had to be handled carefully - hence no photo's of that stage. I added some ribbon as a handle....and then stuffed it with some flowers and pretty jewelled sticks.

There are three sticks, three pink roses and three blue flowers - and it is just pretty!
I did think I would dismantle it and reuse the flowers one day ..... but not for quite a time as I smile every time I see it now. 

So, for Unstampabelles and the current challenge 

#72: Sets of Three
TWIST use cardboard

Here is this weeks taking.....

You can enter HERE
In the meantime, Tassie has been hit by a cold front and many parts by a big dump of snow so there are some beautiful photographs emerging on social media. This was one of them.......

Waratah Falls... a stunning capture of Tassie at it's finest in spring thanks to Anne Sweeney.

Right in the heart of the township of Waratah, on the edge of the Tarkine wilderness in north-west Tassie, is Waratah Falls. An amazing large waterfall that drops down into a gully below. The Waratah river forms a lake in the middle of town, before plunging over the top edge of the plateau as a substantial waterfall … right next to the main road. What other town can claim a waterfall in the town centre?

You can also follow Anne via instagram:

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scrAPpamondo said...

I have to go a try with the toilet roll... Your basket with these flowers is a delight!