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Monday, September 25, 2017

You Colour My World

Many thing colour my world. 

Sunrises, sunsets, family, grandchildren, nature, animals, hubby, crafting, photography.....(there are lots more but I thought I better get on with the blog)

I get a kit from D'Lish Scraps once a month and this last one had a wooden piece saying "You colour my world" among lots of other beautiful goodies.  I thought I would use it to make something for the last week of the Unstampabelles challenge.

The theme is set(s) of three

The TWIST is to use cardboard

(There is a prize on offer as well)

The D'Lish kit was rainbow colours, although the wooden piece was 'au naturale', so I went with the rainbow theme as well and coloured it up as a rainbow.

I noticed immediately that the spelling of the word 'colour' was the same as mine (and half the English speaking world) but my spell checker tells me to loose the 'u' - the American spelling. I am not a good speller - never have been - and I am a bit dyslexic as well so spelling checker is my friend most of the time but not on this occasion: for some reason I thumb my nose to it for some words. I think it is because I actually know how to spell colour and so having the machine correct something I DO know is insulting!

Anyway, enough I had to use cardboard, I found a spiral booklet with cardboard covers and set to work, forgetting to remove the spiral beforehand as usual. I painted it with some of my new white gesso. 

Then I flicked some of my new Pixi Powder onto the wet surface. I ended up also dragging my brush through the powders to get them to spread and cleaning off the excess on a spare piece of SU DP star card (you can see it in the background top right).

Only then did I think it would be useful to remove the spiral and black leaves inside!
Dumb, huh!

Now, I got a bit carried away with things then, and so did not take photo's of the next few steps.
Here is what I did:
  • texture paste clouds on front cover - I thought the paint was dry but not dry enough apparently and the yellow paint was drawn into the paste. Oh well.....
  • I glued card inside both the covers to cover over the paint edges and neaten them
  • I painted the sentiment white and let it dry for 24 hours
  • I sort-of worked out a mathematical grid at an angle to add colour to the sentiment (feeling quite proud of self here at that moment) and then added TH distress inks to the top of the white gesso. I did so well that I had to add red again to the right hand end.......
  • When dry, I went over it all with Wink of Stella clear - you can see it in some lights but not in the photographs very well
  • I glued the sentiment and the button on the cover, added the bling and then put the whole thing back together again - tried to wipe off the white paint from the spiral but I had left it too late....

I added some things from the kit - the rainbow twine (love this!) inserted through a plastic button and tied to the spiral; a tag with some washi tape and another button from the kit.

I then added most of the rest of the kit to the leaves inside - one item per leaf - to set it up for photographs to be added later

There was a beautiful big purple doily in the kit so I quartered that, and had four pieces to add.

It actually doesn't look too bad in real life - and I thought it might make a good gift for an expecting parent or grandparent......... as a brag book perhaps.

It is colourful and joyous and so it achieves its purpose.

Also, it has three bits of bling on the front cover.
There are twelve leaves (3 x 4) inside....
...and it took me three days to make it!

You have a week to make anything that fits the theme of three, and if you want to have a go at the twist, use some cardboard - just DON'T use any STAMPS please.

You can enter HERE at Unstampabelles


scrAPpamondo said...

Adorable and very happy album!! Three days to make it, it's a good time to ejoy :D and the result is delightful. Love the way you turned the wooden word in a rainbow word and the cute string... All so colourful!
My english isn't good, but when I digit the word colours, I always see a red underline... My computer says that the correct word is "colors" ... even if I always read "colours" written by my crafter blogfriends. I don't understand why! May be that "Colours" is the correct word in american and aussie languages, but in english is "Colors"...? Anyway, I LOVE them! :D

Reusing Cards & Quilling said...

I loved it !!

Anonymous said...

Fabulous! You do amazing mixed media work. What be a great gift - 3 days work!!
I'm not a good speller either and the "u" in colour bothers me too (amongst others).
Can't believe I saw your post for Crafting with Dragonflies and didn't join the dots - thanks for the prompt have linked up now hope it's OK with Hilde.

Wynn Walton said...

Loved your rant re colour!! Yes it's ENGLISH/ Australian. America misses out the 'U' for some reason.
On to your fab project. I love it! I never take the spiral off. Well I did once but it's much too fiddly to put back on must have a lot of patience. I love how the gesso covered the spiral and thought when I saw why didn't I think of that.....looks better than in black I think. Softens it.The RAINBOW is a triumph! Love how you threaded the string through a button before adding it too. Hugs Wynn x

Kath Lyle said...

Lovely work :) Followed you from The Outlawz FB Fan Group :)