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Monday, October 9, 2017

Memory Lane and Tic Tac Toe

Do you remember playing those old games when you were a child? I have hazy memories of playing scrabble, Snakes and Ladders and Dominoes and of course Tic Tac Toe. With the latter you could draw up the grid on anything and play until a fight ensued between you and the opposition - usually a sibling. I have been drawn back to the past and childhood this week as I was working on my Uni assignment - a Biography of an ancestor. Hence I was going through old photo's and this one fell out of a pile and landed on my work desk. It was a sign! I went with it.

The game of Tic Tac Toe is slightly different when applied to this 
Challenge #73 at Unstampabelles but there is still a grid!

TWIST is to journal your process










In this game you need to choose a line up or down, or sideways, or even diagonally and make sure that each of the three items appears in your work. You cannot just choose three ie string, bling and buttons don't work as there is not a straight line drawn between them but buttons, bling and brads work!

I went for Flowers - Die-cuts and Stickers!

My diecuts ARE  mostly flowers, plus there is a crochet one added as well. 

This is me at age 6? maybe 7?
It is on the home farm called 'Seaview' and I am holding the grey cat known to us as 
Smoky, the Mama Cat.

I kept it clean and simple as well - as the photo was black and white I could use  strong colours too.
I added two stickers and some rub-ons

 The main page is white Bazzill. 

It was fun remembering that part of my childhood and Smoky. 
It had to be at least 60 years ago.... 

Now, your turn - just remember - NO STAMPS.

You can enter HERE

WOW… what a capture of a sunrise from Clifton Beach, on the South Arm Peninsula, thanks to Alex McAndrew (sitting on the cliffs) who says:

"I over-appreciated the sunrise and didn't make it back dry."


scrAPpamondo said...

Fabulous layout! This clean but colorful design is just perfect for your black and white photo, such delightful combination! Love the flowers with that crocheted one in the center, and the washi tape adds a very elegant touch!
...Times flies, and sometime is a pleasure come back with the mind and remember the childhood days!
P.S. Stunning and amazing sunrise!!

Anonymous said...

What a great simple layout. Love the pop of colour against the black & white pic.
Bet it's a relief to have all the uni work done.
I had a cat called smokey as a child too - he was all black though! No idea where the name came from.