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Monday, October 16, 2017

Tic Tac Toe again!

Spring has Arrived in Tassie!

This cute little lamb at Ross is getting pretty good at this whole walking thing.
For more info, see:

However,  this time I am thinking of Christmas (it was cold here today) and decorations and I was on Pinterest OK so I cannot be blamed for this as they just  appear on the screen and I was just tempted to make it.....

Hum hum..... as I was saying, I made a Christmas decoration today for the latest  October challenge at Unstampabelles, which is 

Tic Tac Toe 
TWIST journal about the decision making process










I went for Ribbon, Lace and String this time........

Yes, there is a prize

I started with a polystyrene ball and a ball of garden string.....oh, and some glue!

Put glue on ball, wind on string.....

Keep doing it until you get to the middle and turn ball over - keep going

Leave to dry overnight - then add a loop. The pin holds it in place. 
Meantime, pick all the glue off your fingers and fingernails......

Add a strip of lace,followed by a strip of ribbon... and then some baubles and bling!

Hung it on the lime tree

Another angle

and another (on the rhododendron this time in the sun) 

A final shot to see the bottom and sides more clearly

Cute, huh!

You have two weeks left to enter the challenge
Remember, no stamps please!


scrAPpamondo said...

This is a great way to make a bauble, love the rustic feel of the string with the lace and the traditional colors of the pompom and gems!

Anonymous said...

Great decoration. How many are you making? I can imagine a tree covered in these.