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Saturday, November 18, 2017

Crafting with Dragonflies - 2nd November Challenge

Hello Peeps - hope life is serene enough for you.......

A beautiful shot of the river near the historic Clarendon Estate.

For more info, see:

I went travelling this week - away for a few days with the hubby - here is one of my photo's; perhaps not as serene as camdenfishing's photo....

...but the white wine was lovely, and so was the candied fig and vanilla icecream!
Overlooking the Hazards at Coles Bay, East Coast Tasmania

Back to crafting and 
What is happening at Crafting with Dragonflies lately?

Firstly, who else is knee deep in Christmas cards -  or have you all give it away now and use you mobile phone and messenger instead? 

I prefer the postal method but it does cost a bit these days!
I have forsaken posting large cards and keep them for the hand out variety instead.

Hilde wants us to make a Christmas card in non-traditional colours.

Mine is a small card that fits folded into a small envelope for posting. 

How is navy, light blue and deep pink? 
Non-traditional enough for you?

This card was the result of a freebie set of dies and stamps and a magazine photo for inspiration
It was an attempt at a Frame-shaped z-fold card.

My shape is not the same one they used - I adapted the idea 
Mine is a bit smaller than the frame used in the magazine

You have to cut through three layers of white card at the beginning in some areas and that is a bit difficult - required extra shim pressure (using bubble wrap) and multiple wind-throughs the Big Shot to get it done. 

I also should have measured the three layers and made my middle layer narrower but thems the breaks when you are copying a photograph rather than following the recipe. 

It was fun to make and quite quick really.

You can enter your non-traditional card over at 


scrAPpamondo said...

A very interesting folding for your card, I had never seen a Z-frame! Fabulous dimensional look and love the unconventional colors!
Happy weekend!

Anonymous said...

A great unconventional christmas card. Must check out the challenge. It has taken me all day but I have made 4 cards - not all that productive. Good to have the down time.