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Saturday, July 21, 2018

Circles and Stripes for Crafting with Dragonflies this challenge!

Warning: Long Post


I hope the school holidays are drawing to an enjoyable close for those of you in Australia and that the summer is continuing to provide all you wish for it if you come from the northern part of this world.

It is indeed a strange idea to think that people from all over the world are reading these words penned by myself (well, typed if you wish to be factual). I know this because of the many comments I have gotten over time from all around the planet. It also does seems to me strange indeed that we can communicate in a pleasant way and encourage each other on our crafting journeys and yet our world leaders seem to be at each other's throats! Perhaps we should parcel up some crafting materials into a starter kit and post them off to various individuals to have a go at creating something enjoyable and pretty and relieve their stress levels at the same time. They might then talk to and about each other in a nicer tone! Now, what might Mr Putin like? Ms May perhaps would like some multi media stuff? Mr Trump's parcel would have to be stuff to make a scrap page of himself with lots of gold bits and sparkle. Our two gorgeous males, Mr Macron and Mr Trudeau would perhaps like to make some lovely cards for each other........or for their wives!

All suggestions welcomed!

I have been watching the video's from the very talented Jenny McGuire
Have you found her yet?

She was playing with the idea of stained glass and the recreation of the effect using our various mediums and so I started to pay around as well. I wanted to see if I could do it without using a stamp. I used Pinterest of course and discovered there is a whole world of beauty under stained glass plus free patterns!!! I chose one and used it as a guide to create my design using circles and stripes. 

Why circles and stripes? 
Well, Hilde wants us to make something using these for her latest challenge at 

I then ran around the lines with my VersaMark pen and embossed with a fine gold EP
and coloured the spaces in using my Copic pens. 

As the shapes are freehand, the edges are not crisp and so it has a bit of a wonky look but I just decided I liked it!

I then tried to fill in the gaps with SU Crystal Effects
Now, at this stage I had a very loud and persistent kitten demanding dinner and so I may have rushed this bit trying to finish it off in one go and the next morning I found I had missed a complete coverage. One of the problems with filling in a large area - I will know better next time!

Once it was dry I just added a die cut sentiment in gold and some washi tape on the edges and mounted it onto black card. 

You can see how badly I added the Crystal Effects!

I looks Ok really despite the errors. 

I had tried a similar thing before this one using a die cut from SU. 
I was a bit lumpy bumpy when complete. 

This one I lightly traced the petal shapes with pencil onto spare card through the die and coloured with these with Copics, Then I die cut out the three flower heads and two leaves into the white card and then again from silver and inserted the silver into the space. After aligning the coloured bits behind and gluing into place (why it is lumpy bumpy) I added the Crystal Effects to each segment.

The stem is freehand

Can you find the petal I missed colouring? 

The sentiment is a run-on. 

I like the effect but it is a lot of trouble to make. 
You would have to pick your diecut carefully

Anyway - experiment or just play
Don't forget to enter the challenge at 


scrAPpamondo said...

Great freehand drawing!! Love the idea and both your cards! Great colouring, too!

Ina G said...

I only watched Jennifer's video not long ago myself. You have done a great job here Susan. Love the pattern you chose and have made it so colourful.
Took me a while to find your colourless leaf. I wouldn't have found it if you hadn't mentioned it. Such a pretty card and sure to cheer up anyone not feeling the best.

CG said...

Wow, both cards are stunning! So creative. Yes, creativity is such a good outlet... I wish Trump would get off Twitter and do some nice scrapbooking! Your post is so fun, love your posts. Best, CG