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Monday, June 16, 2014

Midway for Challenge #36 Mixed Media at Unstampabelles

I went to the tip shop and 'found' several wooden frames which I preceded to repurpose to meet the TWIST for the challenge going on at Unstampabelles at the moment - MIXED MEDIA!

As usual, I will tell the story of my journey in photo's - so a cuppa or similar might be a good idea here! I forgot to start taking photo's early and had painted the frame with Gesso before I realised that fact - so this is the back of the frame so you can see the wood.  I wasn't too fussy with the white painting.

I added blue Tim Holtz distress paint over the white with a dauber, and then when it was dry I painted it with TH Distress Rock Candy crackle. And waited..........

Taken inside and colours strange under the lamp

Afterit had dried and crackled, I rubbed in some TH Distress ink over the whole - my ink was darker than the paint. I then got my texture paste and a stencil and make some white circles or similar over the frame with the paste. 

I think it was looking quite good by then......

I added some velvet ribbon and flowers from the stash......

.....and a jewelled dragonfly sticker.........

.....and three pearls......

Once it was complete to my satisfaction and after cleaning the glass,  I positioned a vellum quote inside the frame.  You could add your own photo instead. So, while it is still a photo frame, I remade it to be a vintage frame  - you could leave it as an inspirational piece of decor or use it for your favourite person.

So, a mixed media piece without using any stamps - it can be done! I was reading a craft magazine recently and saw they had redone a frame in that and it gave me the idea for this - hence the visit to the tip shop! You thought I had forgotten I had mentioned that didn't you! Our local tip has a shop attached, and if you take stuff there first from your house where it is not obvious rubbish and still has a life in it, they will accept it as a donation. One it is sorted and priced, one can visit and see what is there - it changes daily I assure you - from fine bone china, kitchen paraphernalia and similar, books and music, toys and furniture. Some computer stuff is allowed also. If you were setting up a flat for instance, you could get some excellent stuff there to help you begin, such as wine glasses, or mugs or pie dishes for very little money. A lot of the stuff comes from homes where the person has died or has moved to a home, so it is all good stuff - I saw a pretty piece of Royal Dalton there last time. The money raised pays for unemployed people to work there, thus giving someone a start in employment and teaching them about work skills. It is well worth supporting.

Anyhooo.........mixed media challenge with a TWIST to alter something! There is a great prize and some more inspiration over at Unstampabelles

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Chrissy said...

Your frame came out superb the dragon fly and flowers.Must go buy some crackle stuff as I love the effect.Great quote too..


Granmargaret said...

Lovely work Susan.

Anonymous said...

Love that frame.
What a great story about the tip shop. Sounds like a great place to shop. When I was younger I remember my Dad going to the tip with a trailer full and often coming back with great things there that still had life.