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Thursday, June 30, 2016

Time for a new Eclectic Ellapu Purple Team Challenge

"Life's a beach" 
(holidays, day trips, sand, umbrellas, cocktails, beach games)

 My current time of the year is mid-winter, so a beach is not necessarily a pleasant place to be - sitting under an umbrella sipping Pina Colada's and splashing on lashings of sun screen to protect you from the sun belongs to a different time of the year. 

Sitting on a beach while the angry cold sea surges in and the sky is a grey colour with a weak sun peering through the clouds could be something you would want to do, especially if you had that someone special to snuggle up to  -  pity my husband hates sand and beaches; he prefers to be on the sea, not next to it!

Therefore, when I decided to make a journal page - my second one ever - I went for a more moveable sea and an overcast sky. 

I cannot decide if the couple are on a cliff above the sea or on a beach right next to it!

The sand is texture paste and the sea is also texture paste but it has microbeads in it to make it shimmer and shine. Stencils also help the idea of movement.

A splash perhaps?

The sun is struggling to shine through

 Stencil work around the outside edges; die cut shells attached here and there, and lots of sprays and Dylusional paints and TH inks and the couple are a stamp set that comes from SU's 2009 collection!
There is also more texture paste on the outside edges of the pages at the top to give an idea of clouds....

I was going to add some more die cuts but after I stencilled in the words, I left it  - didn't want to over think it!

Hope it tickles (as Claire would say).........

You will find Eclectic Ellapu HERE 
and there are lots of other cards reflecting summer days at the beach if that is your fancy.......


Anonymous said...

Fabulous journal page. The couple look like they are sitting on a cliff to me. Either way great page. Love all the different texture patterns.

Reusing Cards & Quilling said...

Wow..Those textures are very Interesting !!I loved the journal page !

Elaine aka Ellapu said...

Isn't it funny I can create on canvas and yet I struggle on journal pages lol. Yours is absolutely gorgeous hun x

Judy McKay said...

Beautiful art journal page. Love all the textures. Love the colours and the design. your teamy Judy