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Monday, July 4, 2016

Unstampabelles new July Card Challenge: Go Native with a twist of Be Square

Hello Peeps!

It's July! Over at Unstampabelles, we have a new challenge for a new month

Go Native 
with a 
TWIST "It's hip to be square"
(Make a square card)

There is a prize as per usual

and DT Favorite will be chosen

Do you know anything about echidnas?

Pronounced EE-KID-NUH

THIS SITE has lots of information 
(Fact Number 3 truly freaked me out!)

Fact Number 4 says

4. Echidnas form mating trains. 
A strange process marks the start of echidna breeding season. Males line up nose to tail behind a single female, forming a train of up to a dozen individuals.  Trains can last more than a month, with males dropping out and rejoining. When the female is finally ready to mate, the males dig a trench in the ground around her. The males compete for mating honors by pushing each other out of the trench. The last one remaining gets to mate with the female.

My card is based on this fact

A photograph of a real-life echidna, sort of fussycut ; three die cut echidna's and a grass tree plant. The sentiment (pun) has been printed off on the computer and added.

It was the best I could come up with - better than "eats roots and leaves............"

Go on - go native yourself and enter the challenge
You have a month to enter 


Anonymous said...

Off to check out the facts...
Isn't that other saying for a wombat?? :)
Fab card too :)

Wynn Walton said...

Didn't know anything about these creatures. Are they native to Tasmania. I learn something new every day!!! Thanks Susan for making me smile. Wynn x