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Saturday, September 17, 2016

Faries for Crafting with Dragonflies!

Hello Peeps! How is your day going? Mine is doing OK but my mojo has taken a bit of a hike and I thought if you have seen it, will you send it home please as I miss it!

Talking of sending someone home, this little fella wandered a bit far from home too ....

A Southern Rockhopper Penguin… a long way at home – captured on the Tasman Peninsula yesterday by Out there photography by Warren Donnelly who says: 

“They normally range from New Zealand to Antarctica, and the southern tip of South America.  thankfully this little guy was rescued by Tasmania Parks and Wildlife Service officers yesterday afternoon at Eaglehawk Neck, next to the Blowhole on the Tasman Peninsula. Myself and some Mainland visitors alerted the officers to the penguin's plight, with great thanks to the visitors for taking the time to help getting this little fella rescued -  many thanks, and most of the credit going to those two families.”

I have a vivid memory of arriving a primary school one day (this is a very long time ago) and seeing a little fairy penguin sitting under the water tank, trying to keep out of the sun. He was sooo tired and sooo scared. A kind local farmer collected him and took him back to the shore - he had wandered some 5 miles up the road - but we don't know what happened to him then. No Parks and Wildlife people around then to assist.

Over at Crafting with Dragonflies GrandMargret has challenged us on the team to use a fairy in our work or at least to fantasize. Now, my fantasies would probably not suit Hilde, so I thought I had better stick to the fairy idea - anyway, I don't have any stamps with husbands captured in a bottle or cage! Sometimes they really tip you over, don't they!!!!

Not that I want you to think I would ever commit a crime like that! 
Too easy to get caught round here. 

So I dug out my LOTV stamp sets and found one that looked as if it had not seen ink for quite a while, and stamped it up, coloured it in with Copics and added some Glitter glue .....
....then fussy cut it out. 

Then what to do with it. 

Are you like me - lots of offcuts from past projects where you have been playing and the leftovers are too good to throw away? My roving eye landed on the pile and I decided to use some of them up! So my fairy is on a bit of  overshot spray card, and the sentiment is on a similar piece  - the Sentiment is from Stamp-It. 

The backing sheet is Colour Burst on a sparkly paper (SU), and the whole is on a white card blank.

It is very shiny and sparkly and loud in the sunshine outside

I wanted my girly to be a bit alternative - hence the stockings......most of the little girls in my life have worn either stripy socks, no socks or gumboots with their fairy dresses, if they had one. Often it was just the wings over whatever they were wearing (if they were wearing anything of course - that phase of their lives often coincides with shedding clothes as well).

Don't forget - Crafting with Dragonflies challenges last two weeks.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like hubby is testing you! Glad to hear you aren't going to get charged with a crime.
Lovely fairy with loads of colour. Good to see you putting some bits to use. I spent nearly all day yesterday tidying up my space! the stuff I have found. Tidying when there is no mojo! hoping to be inspired. Hope you have found yours.
And yes most of the fairies I had were just as you described! I do have a pic of one in bunny ears and underpants sitting on the letterbox - god only knows what the postie thought!

CG said...

This is such a great fairy card -- love the backgrounds, so fun! Love your little fairy...I almost used one of LOTV fairies too LOL! Best, CG

Wynn Walton said...

Cute cute cute!! Love the sentiment too. Hugs Wynn x