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Monday, September 12, 2016

Second week for Challenge#61 at Unstampabelles

Time for another bit of inspiration for the current challenge over at Unstampabelles.  

Wombat asleep in the sun - I didn't take it but I love it!
Think he played a bit too hard this day!

As you know, we don't use stamps at Unstampabelles

Even digital stamps are a no-go

This is NOT a digital stamp - it is a card topper from Crafty Bob's 
It is digital in that I had it sent to me electronically and I can manipulate the size of it a bit
However, the image is whole and already coloured and all I needed to do was print it, and cut it out, and layer it up.

I the mixed and matched things from the stash to embellish it up - some SU DP; some D'lish kit bits; and some old, old stickers from the stash in the sticker tray.

I thought it was a good card for a smallish boy for birthday or even  for a note card. 
He is rather cute and he has obviously had a great time playing it is Spring (or Summertime) or even the last of the dog days in Autumn. The flowers are out and the bees are (still) a buzzing! It is obvious that the freedom to play until you fall asleep is limited by time as well - we all grow up eventually and have different responsibilities, including wombats!

I have been re-reading Anne of Green Gables lately and have cried my way through five books in the Omnibus to date - so I am feeling sort of sentimental about the playing time and the freedom we give kids these days in comparison to the many golden days those children in the books had - days quite like enough to my own childhood in places to not be alien to me when reading them. However, I know that today's kids would not be able to play in the woods and get dirty like this little lad has obviously done - mores the pity. Or fall asleep where they are like the wombat!

Enough curmudgeon-ing

Yes, there is a prize for this challenge - random number selected. 

Enter your work at 

by finding the first post for September and scrolling down to the Linky.


Anonymous said...

What a great card topper. You have embellished it well.
I agree - children don't have the same freedom to play. Just yesterday Ms 11 and her friend wanted to go across the road to the PS to play down ball alone. I said no! Fear of what might happen when out of my sight/ear shot plus last time I let them go they didn't go where they told me they would and it took me a while to find them. So this was a reminder to them to tell me the truth!

Sue Walsh said...

It's a great image (topper) and makes a fun card Susan. Love the sleepy Wombat too!