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Monday, October 3, 2016

A late start to the new challenge at Unstampabelles #62: Outside Your Comfort Zone

Well, when I put this list of challenges together late last year, I thought this one would be so much fun! Mmmmmmmm.........not so much now I am faced with creating something for it. 

I decided to create an art journal page using multi-media, but just ended up creating a bit of a mess. Have you done this when trying something new?
I did learn from it though - not sure what but I know I did learn something!
So really this is not inspiration but a challenge to do better than me and enter that. 

Just to make it clear this is for the new challenge at Unstampabelles

#62 Outside Your Comfort Zone
TWIST Have a different edge

I had this idea after viewing a lovely painting on Pinterest, of the tree growing out of the frame, and the waterfall spilling out of the bottom of the frame. I decided to make it a seasonal tree, going from autumn to spring, as both parts of the two hemispheres are experiencing one of these seasons at the moment.......

I started with colouring the background of the two pages, and going for the autumn dryness on the left to the rich spring greens on the right and the blue skies. Then I added the frame, with corrugated cardboard strips. Looked OK at that stage - nice and rustic......

I then turned to making some background papers to cut the leaves from, and played with powder paints and water and other paints to get the autumnal leaves, and did the same for the green leaves.
That bit was fun too.

Then I tried to add some stencilled leaves - mistake.........

The waterfall was scrunched up tissue paper glued to the page,and then medium added to it after I had added powder paints to the medium to colour it up. I wanted to get the water flowing over the bottom of the frame easily, and added some sparkle to give the idea of light on the flowing water....the black blobs were supposed to be rocks - by this stage I was not really liking what it was doing, but could not see how to fix it. I thought if I just added the leaves it would improve it, and it did a bit but not enough.  I added the flowers later to see if it would lift it a bit more - nup. 

I went a little crazy and stencilled the black dotty things with left over rock medium......... that didn't work either..........

Anyway, here is the prize on offer

Here is a photo I took at the Botanical Gardens this week - can you spot the bee doing her work in the rain? Beautiful tulips.........

Head off the Unstampabelles and see the work of two more team members to get some more inspiration - and remember please, no stamps. 


Richa Maurya said...

Its not bad...after all you were trying something out of your comfort zone...Loved the idea behind the tree..

Anonymous said...

In answer to your question Yes - always. Sometimes not necessarily a dirty mess more like a tangled frustrated mess!
Reading through your post I get the idea behind it and probably was fab before the black rocks. sorry :( And it is outside your comfort zone.

Pia S said...

You're being too hard on yourself. I think it's artsy and fun, but I know the feeling, you have an idea and it doesn't get down on paper as you'd planned. But only you can compare to what you imagined, the rest of us can only judge by the final result:)

Anonymous said...

Hi Susan. I've been poking around my old blog and I saw your name so came over to see if you were still creating. Yes! I've been having a bit of a read thru your posts. LOVE your gorgeous flower photos!!! And I like those cut out leaves too. Happy crafting.