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Saturday, October 29, 2016

OMG - I made a Christmas Card!

I am a past mistress master of procrastination. This means I have put off making my Christmas cards for this year in favour of looking at Pinterest or other similar important sites.......but then I suddenly realised that I had to make something for Hilde over at Crafting with Dragonflies: what was the theme? It was Helen's turn to choose, and her theme was

Spots and Stripes

so I made a Christmas Card!

I used a new die and stamp set from Stampin' Up and some of last years SU papers to  make it. 
The set is called Merriest Wishes and is simple gorgeous.

I used glimmer card to make the  ornament but it is hard to photograph on a dull day

Simple and easy to post. 

One down and how many to go?
Probably about 119.....


I will leave you with some more eye candy

A picture perfect Spring day at Lewisham and Dodges Ferry by greg Faull

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Well done! Fab first Christmas card. The new die is great. Must admit I have started.
Thanks for sharing Greg's pic too, he's pics are great. As I think I've said before you should get commission from Tourism Tasmania.