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Monday, October 24, 2016

To Quill or not to Quill - that is the Question!

Unstampabelles current challenge #62 finishes at midnight on Friday 28th, so just before it finishes I had a go at ........QUILLING!

Before showing you my latest masterpiece  project, this photo floated into my FB account last week and I felt I had to share it - my elder brother took it from a helicopter  flying over Cradle Mountain last week. Why he was there and who paid for it are questions that have not been answered, but the photo is quite spectacular, so I shared it with you! Yes, it snowed last week. Mostly Cradle is in cloud so any photo of it is amazing. 

So, on to Quilling.....

Yes, quilling - winding tiny strips of paper around and then creating something out of the mess shape you have made. It is satisfying and sticky and messy and I am very much a newby. I have a go every now and then, and have some supplies purchased last year and I do keep the Masterclass sheets from various mags if I think I can make it, so off I went to the cupboard and dragged out all the stuff!

Here was a chance to use that quilling comb! I found out something that it could do apart from chase lice- make the leaves.

So I played around and made some leaves, and several sizes of quilled flowers and circles and stuff - how Meg makes those fringed flowers I do not know! You have to put those leaves on their edge - glueing them was a joy. So was creating the 'fringe' by cutting tiny slits all along the edge of a strip of thin quilling paper BEFORE you twirl it all together

I think my card is too small or the leaves are too big
It doesn't look anything like the picture I was following but I am happy enough. 
The sentiment is die cut (IO Dies)

Might do some more now- as long as it doesn't involve fringing!

Off you go........

I might enter this in these challenges:
613 Avenue Create: Anything Goes with a twist of gold and green - yep
The Outlaw Challenge - Saturday's
Great Impressions: Anything Goes


Shylaa Shree said...

thats a lovely attempt into quilling susan, you will give out your best. look forward to your next project in quilling

Anonymous said...

WOW. Great job. The flowers don't look too big to me. And don't worry about looking like what the picture is. If you cook to a recipe it never looks the same as the pic in the recipe book - I figure you don't hand out the pic and no one is the wiser!
Definitely outside my comfort zone. I can imagine having glue everywhere - one of my Dad's sayings comes to mind! I think this is why I am in awe of anyone who has the patience and persistence to quill.