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Monday, August 14, 2017

Collage for Unstampabelles - week 2!

Hi Peeps, weather has been a little wild and windy lately - this shot was taken by Andy Chisholm down the bottom of the island of Tasmania, offshore, and a place where the master surfers go when they are on an adrenaline junket - it is near a place called Pedra Blanca....look at those seals master the wave too! What an amazing photograph! 

I have been on a fishing boat catching tuna there - it was calm and oily and I was seasick! I have flown over it in a small plane too - it was windy and wild that day as well and yes, you guessed it - I threw up there as well! The plane had to turn back (not because I was airsick, it was too rough to land)  and when we flew back over a few hours later and things had calmed down in the air at least, I got some amazing photographs of the coastline with massive waves pounding on them - must see if I can located a few!!!

Eddystone Rock

Anyway, I am snug and warm and not ill in my craft space, and have created a project for today to showcase some collage - over at Unstampabelles we are asking you to use some collage skills and make something and while you are at it - thrown in some multimedia as well for the twist!

Remember last week I diecut and layered a butterfly onto a printed piece of paper with newspaper ads on it? I then used powder paints and water to create a mess - and when I lifted my diecut off the sheet the outline of the butterfly was left? I then replaced my butterfly with the blue one for that card which left me with a white diecut butterfly all covered in lovely sparkly paint and mica!

Here it is - I added it to the top of my repurposed container below - after I gussied it all up!

First I took off the wrapper from the container and then painted the inside of my plastic container with white gesso - it got several layers. You cannot actually see it now unless you take the lid off!

The lid got some paper inside and outside, a metal frame and some flowers, plus my mm butterfly!

The side of the lid got some washi tape treatment

It does look pretty I must admit with all that painterly goodness on the die cut!

The sides got some torn bits (left over from last week's work again) of the newspaper that still had spots and globs of powder paint activated by the water. I glued them on with Modge Podge. The lace was added also with the Modge Podge and then I added the strip of beads. The MP makes a great glue for things like that. 

I am not sure what I will keep in this but it will be precious!

There is a prize on offer for the challenge at Unstampabelles!

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Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you are staying warm and aren't ill!
Fabulous upcycling of the jar. Love the butterfly.