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Monday, October 16, 2017

Tic Tac Toe again!

Spring has Arrived in Tassie!

This cute little lamb at Ross is getting pretty good at this whole walking thing.
For more info, see:

However,  this time I am thinking of Christmas (it was cold here today) and decorations and I was on Pinterest OK so I cannot be blamed for this as they just  appear on the screen and I was just tempted to make it.....

Hum hum..... as I was saying, I made a Christmas decoration today for the latest  October challenge at Unstampabelles, which is 

Tic Tac Toe 
TWIST journal about the decision making process










I went for Ribbon, Lace and String this time........

Yes, there is a prize

I started with a polystyrene ball and a ball of garden string.....oh, and some glue!

Put glue on ball, wind on string.....

Keep doing it until you get to the middle and turn ball over - keep going

Leave to dry overnight - then add a loop. The pin holds it in place. 
Meantime, pick all the glue off your fingers and fingernails......

Add a strip of lace,followed by a strip of ribbon... and then some baubles and bling!

Hung it on the lime tree

Another angle

and another (on the rhododendron this time in the sun) 

A final shot to see the bottom and sides more clearly

Cute, huh!

You have two weeks left to enter the challenge
Remember, no stamps please!

Monday, October 9, 2017

Memory Lane and Tic Tac Toe

Do you remember playing those old games when you were a child? I have hazy memories of playing scrabble, Snakes and Ladders and Dominoes and of course Tic Tac Toe. With the latter you could draw up the grid on anything and play until a fight ensued between you and the opposition - usually a sibling. I have been drawn back to the past and childhood this week as I was working on my Uni assignment - a Biography of an ancestor. Hence I was going through old photo's and this one fell out of a pile and landed on my work desk. It was a sign! I went with it.

The game of Tic Tac Toe is slightly different when applied to this 
Challenge #73 at Unstampabelles but there is still a grid!

TWIST is to journal your process










In this game you need to choose a line up or down, or sideways, or even diagonally and make sure that each of the three items appears in your work. You cannot just choose three ie string, bling and buttons don't work as there is not a straight line drawn between them but buttons, bling and brads work!

I went for Flowers - Die-cuts and Stickers!

My diecuts ARE  mostly flowers, plus there is a crochet one added as well. 

This is me at age 6? maybe 7?
It is on the home farm called 'Seaview' and I am holding the grey cat known to us as 
Smoky, the Mama Cat.

I kept it clean and simple as well - as the photo was black and white I could use  strong colours too.
I added two stickers and some rub-ons

 The main page is white Bazzill. 

It was fun remembering that part of my childhood and Smoky. 
It had to be at least 60 years ago.... 

Now, your turn - just remember - NO STAMPS.

You can enter HERE

WOW… what a capture of a sunrise from Clifton Beach, on the South Arm Peninsula, thanks to Alex McAndrew (sitting on the cliffs) who says:

"I over-appreciated the sunrise and didn't make it back dry."

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Time to get them checked........

.....the boobies, that is! Breast Cancer Awareness Month is upon us and it is time to go and get them squeezed between the two cold plates of metal. Small pain for big gain each year! I feel like a lump of hamburger meat being man(woman)handled onto a BBQ plate and then they twist it and squeeze it and you have to hold still and not breath (as if you could breath while that is happening) and then release! Other one now! Oh Joy, Oh Bliss!!!

wants us to make a card for Breast Cancer so here is mine, using the specially made for us in Australia Breast Cancer stamp set - Ribbon of Courage. There is a great die set with this too but I chose to just stamp this one.

I used some SU white card with an embossed image of flowers as a background and embossed it some more using white embossing powder on the ribbon and the word 


I used some of my TH Distress ink Oxide to add three colours to the card with the help of s water spray and  paintbrush. I also added some Pickled Raspberry ink over some areas to highlight them as well.

Polished off the inks with a tissue when card was dry.

Layered up with some pink on pink card and added three heart sequins,

It looks better than the photo's do - at a distance you can hardly see the ribbon and word but as you come closer they begin to pop.


and then go to Crafting with Dragonflies for the new Challenge

Monday, September 25, 2017

You Colour My World

Many thing colour my world. 

Sunrises, sunsets, family, grandchildren, nature, animals, hubby, crafting, photography.....(there are lots more but I thought I better get on with the blog)

I get a kit from D'Lish Scraps once a month and this last one had a wooden piece saying "You colour my world" among lots of other beautiful goodies.  I thought I would use it to make something for the last week of the Unstampabelles challenge.

The theme is set(s) of three

The TWIST is to use cardboard

(There is a prize on offer as well)

The D'Lish kit was rainbow colours, although the wooden piece was 'au naturale', so I went with the rainbow theme as well and coloured it up as a rainbow.

I noticed immediately that the spelling of the word 'colour' was the same as mine (and half the English speaking world) but my spell checker tells me to loose the 'u' - the American spelling. I am not a good speller - never have been - and I am a bit dyslexic as well so spelling checker is my friend most of the time but not on this occasion: for some reason I thumb my nose to it for some words. I think it is because I actually know how to spell colour and so having the machine correct something I DO know is insulting!

Anyway, enough I had to use cardboard, I found a spiral booklet with cardboard covers and set to work, forgetting to remove the spiral beforehand as usual. I painted it with some of my new white gesso. 

Then I flicked some of my new Pixi Powder onto the wet surface. I ended up also dragging my brush through the powders to get them to spread and cleaning off the excess on a spare piece of SU DP star card (you can see it in the background top right).

Only then did I think it would be useful to remove the spiral and black leaves inside!
Dumb, huh!

Now, I got a bit carried away with things then, and so did not take photo's of the next few steps.
Here is what I did:
  • texture paste clouds on front cover - I thought the paint was dry but not dry enough apparently and the yellow paint was drawn into the paste. Oh well.....
  • I glued card inside both the covers to cover over the paint edges and neaten them
  • I painted the sentiment white and let it dry for 24 hours
  • I sort-of worked out a mathematical grid at an angle to add colour to the sentiment (feeling quite proud of self here at that moment) and then added TH distress inks to the top of the white gesso. I did so well that I had to add red again to the right hand end.......
  • When dry, I went over it all with Wink of Stella clear - you can see it in some lights but not in the photographs very well
  • I glued the sentiment and the button on the cover, added the bling and then put the whole thing back together again - tried to wipe off the white paint from the spiral but I had left it too late....

I added some things from the kit - the rainbow twine (love this!) inserted through a plastic button and tied to the spiral; a tag with some washi tape and another button from the kit.

I then added most of the rest of the kit to the leaves inside - one item per leaf - to set it up for photographs to be added later

There was a beautiful big purple doily in the kit so I quartered that, and had four pieces to add.

It actually doesn't look too bad in real life - and I thought it might make a good gift for an expecting parent or grandparent......... as a brag book perhaps.

It is colourful and joyous and so it achieves its purpose.

Also, it has three bits of bling on the front cover.
There are twelve leaves (3 x 4) inside....
...and it took me three days to make it!

You have a week to make anything that fits the theme of three, and if you want to have a go at the twist, use some cardboard - just DON'T use any STAMPS please.

You can enter HERE at Unstampabelles

Saturday, September 23, 2017

My Stars! It's time for another challenge.......

This time Hilde wants STARS!!!!

There are so many beautiful photographs out there of the Milky Way and the Southern Cross.
This one is from Google!

My star card is a little different.

You know, I have so much washi tape and I love it but I don't Know what to do with it!

Finally, a car using some........

Some simply punched stars to match the shapes, a stamped sentiment in black.....

The DP card it is attached to is from SU and also has stars on it!
It is the same DP I used before - you can colour over it and it makes a great look but again, 
I kept it simple here!

Nature says it best!

Snow and an aurora… what a combination from Wilmot in north-west Tassie thanks to Jai Moyle.

Monday, September 18, 2017

Another Christmas card.....

Hi Everyone! Another week has flown bye - we have had a fleeting visit from our son (always nice) and the elder Granddaughters to dinner plus their partner's. The two lad's played football (Australian Rules) finals this weekend - one went on to the Grand Final after a very close game, and one lost a Grand Final after a very close game. I was watching both matches at the same time on my computer and later TV through son's tablet being streamed- my goodness, my old heart cannot take such excitement!  I found myself moving my shoulders and body with every mark and kick as well, and am a bit stiff today as a result!!!! In addition, I was messaging both granddaughters (who were at the respective games) and when one of the lads did something spectacular (or not) there was a flurry of texting going on! It was fun but tiring.

All over for one but another game to get through next week now. Once that was over, I watched on FB a video of the youngest Granddaughter (13) in ACT, playing a piano piece for her Spring Concert. Grandson (11) lost his Under 15 Hockey final yesterday morning but is playing his Under 13 Game this morning - no news on that one yet! It's all go for us this weekend! What would we do with social media, eh?

In addition both older girls went to their Soccer Team's Best and Fairest Celebration last night (they play in the same team), and the elder girl won the B & F, with her younger sister one point behind, while the younger one kicked the most goals for the season! Two more trophies to be displayed!

Talking of display's here is one that happened at the North West end of the island last week:

WOW… what an ‘out of this world’ photo from The Nut at Stanley thanks to Leanne Marshall who says:

It was great to see her again (this refers to the Aurora, known as The Lady). I was just down from Highfield House - at the lookout on the road down to Godfrey's Beach.

I love the milky way - the stars on the top right - I see them every clear night out my kitchen window...and love them. So full of mystery and colour and light. 

Here is my inspiration for this week for Unstampabelles:
there is sparkle and light here too.....

The tree's are cut from a piece of packaging, and I pulled the top face off to show the crimping......

That lovely SU card with the stars - I really thought about adding ink to colour the sky behind but decided to keep it neutral. It is mounted on gold card. 

Playing with effects allowed me to add the snowflakes to the photo's!

You can go to Unstampabelles and see what else the DT have created

Then have a go yourself - just remember - no stamps please. 

Monday, September 11, 2017

Sometimes, things only have a job to nourish the soul......

.......and this time was one of them!

I was playing - and I was on Pinterest: a dangerous situation........
I saw a small basket made with a toilet roll - and had to have a go myself

It was going to be tiny 'cause toilet rolls are small

When I cut it open I saw this message inside - made me laugh!
Bet you didn't know that was inside your toilet rolls.
Notice that there are three cut strips either side?

It really is quite small - I used glue dots to hold each arm in place.
Now, what will I do with it?

I decided to try and cover it with some Pixie Dust (newly purchased) and not yet put away.....

The paper under the basket  is one I used to wipe up the residue - that will be used later, too juicy a piece to throw away......once I had covered it as best I could. This was done by simply puffing powder onto the little basket and then spraying it with a water mister until I was happy with the coverage. It nearly fell to bits until it dried so had to be handled carefully - hence no photo's of that stage. I added some ribbon as a handle....and then stuffed it with some flowers and pretty jewelled sticks.

There are three sticks, three pink roses and three blue flowers - and it is just pretty!
I did think I would dismantle it and reuse the flowers one day ..... but not for quite a time as I smile every time I see it now. 

So, for Unstampabelles and the current challenge 

#72: Sets of Three
TWIST use cardboard

Here is this weeks taking.....

You can enter HERE
In the meantime, Tassie has been hit by a cold front and many parts by a big dump of snow so there are some beautiful photographs emerging on social media. This was one of them.......

Waratah Falls... a stunning capture of Tassie at it's finest in spring thanks to Anne Sweeney.

Right in the heart of the township of Waratah, on the edge of the Tarkine wilderness in north-west Tassie, is Waratah Falls. An amazing large waterfall that drops down into a gully below. The Waratah river forms a lake in the middle of town, before plunging over the top edge of the plateau as a substantial waterfall … right next to the main road. What other town can claim a waterfall in the town centre?

You can also follow Anne via instagram: