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Friday, April 13, 2012

Guess who was on holiday!

Me! Well, actually we incorporated a little break into a family wedding in Queensland, at Broadbeach.

View from our apartment balcony

The Beach 
WOW - weather was heaven, place was gorgeous, wedding was spectacular and the only downside was the midges! Guess who got bitten more than once!!! I am covered in little blisters from the bites of these microscopic insects, and they itch! We got to hire a car for a few days look/see around the area and went up to Tamborine Mountain and did a fantastic air walk among the tops of trees in a tropical forest, and we went to Brisbane to visit the (now famous in our family) Laugher Park (my maiden name)! Hubby and I went to Coolangatta to catch the plane home so we mosied over to Tweed Heads and parts in between for a peek as well. Shared our apartment with my brother and his wife - very pleasant visiting, as they are now living in Catherine(NT)! However, just as much as we all love going away - isn't it strange how your own house and bed feel so nice that first 24 hours home!
My footprints on the beach at Broadbeach, after the tide came over them again! My heels sunk in the wet sand. 

The wedding was my youngest niece and she made a spectacularly beautiful fairy princess bride.

With her Dad

Signing away


Anonymous said...

Awesome pics! Glad to hear you had nice weather (it was raining again yesterday), you should've popped in for a cuppa!

Merry said...

What a stunning couple and looks like a very happy day. Terrific photos and sounds like you had a wonderful time. Thanks for sharing Susan.