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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Artists at Work - beware!

We currently have visitors  - they are here for a bit over a week; life is busy but good! My grandchildren and I  painted with watercolour this morning.  I was jumped on at 7.00 am this morning by one small boy called Jack who announced, "Get up Nin, we are painting the beach today"! 

Jack (6)hard at work

Lily (8): Mine will be green......

....and it was! A dog in front of the fire inside on a rug 

Jack's first one - a cat and a dog

Then he did a splatter one! I think it's my favourite. 


marion said...

I love the cute cats !! The others are artistic masterpieces also. Hugs, Marion

Merry said...

What amazing artists and so keen. :-)

Monica said...

How cute is that... looks like they had lots of fun. Love the cat in the second one and the curtains in the first one.

Monica xxx

Monica said...

And the platter is awesome...

Monica xxx