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Monday, April 16, 2012

Hazel's Blog Candy

Hazel, one of my followers, has the most delicious blog candy available - why not go and see? I have a picture of it in the sidebar to the right. I don't usually do blog candy announcements but I have an announcement to make myself about my blog, and about another follower of mine so it was apt.

I too have reached a personal milestone of 50+ followers, and my 50th follower is Andi.  (My first follower was my granddaughter as part of her school assignment, and as she is no longer going to school she has dropped off the list!)You can find Andi's blog here. She is going through a bit of an epiphany at the moment: a fact I did not know about until I went to her blog to let her know I was going to gift her with some candy.  She is currently training for a marathon - and is a survivor of the dreaded C - you can read her story at her blog.  Warning: it made me reach for a tissue. Anyway, the run is also a fund raiser for the USA equivalent of the Cancer Council, so if you have a few shillings or pennies or cents to spare, I am sure she would be delighted if you donated. (I figure that it doesn't really matter who makes the breakthrough regarding a cure, we all benefit in the long term.) So cheers to Andi and here's sending positive vibes so she can reach her goals and run that damn marathon! And many thanks to the many others who are also my followers - you are cherished, one and all!


Merry said...

Congrats on 50 followers Susan.... :-)

Hazel said...

Thanks Susan - how lovely of you.

Congratulations on 50.

Toodle pip

Hazel x