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Monday, July 11, 2016

Just me and a Geko.....

This is referring to the card I made for the current Challenge #59 at Unstampabelles
Go Native!

I decided to make a dot painting - not because I am trying to copy the fabulous work of the Traditional People's dot painting, but because I really like and admire the work of the new rash of modern young Aboriginal painters and wanted to try my hand at it. You can find amazing work just by Googling dot painting as well. 

I suggest you look up some of their work - it is stunning

Mine is very primary school by comparison but I enjoyed doing it and would consider doing it again. I started by finding a photo of a geko and drawing him up into a piece of watercolour paper - I then ran my embossing pen around him and embossed it with black EP. It wasn't as crisp as I would have liked but OK. I then pencilled in all the circles around the image so I would have the circles looking like circles. 

I coloured in the geko with Dylusions paint straight onto the paper - I used a minimum of water to keep the brush working so the paint was thick and rich. I used the end of my brush to create the dots - the light green was done with a larger brush end - and again used Dylusions paint. The texture this created was amazing. The white dots were added last after the blue had mostly dried. I hand drew in the circles then, with a fine line pen.

My biggest problem was the twist - a square card - as my Watercolour paper was rectanglar in shape. I added a die cut scalloped circle piece top and bottom as it looked empty without something there, and it then just looked strange so I drew on the top one and covered up the bottom one with the sentiment - a rub-on.  Still looks a bit awkward but OK. The background card has been dry embossed using a new SU folder - love it!

Anyhoo......that's it! Mounted on a commercial cream blank

So, my geko is my attempt to 'Go Native' and do a dot painting.......

Harder than it looks folks!

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