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Saturday, July 9, 2016

Summer Fun! Yep, that's our challenge for Crafting with Dragonflies!

That is, if you can remember what summer was like last year? I think we were in the grip of a drought, running out of water and wondering when it would rain. What a difference six months makes, eh!

Hilde has asked each of us at Crafting with Dragonflies to nominate a theme, and so Wynn, who lives in sunny Corfu, immediately thought "July, that's summertime!" Hence the theme........trouble is for those of us who live south of the equator, it's mid-winter!!

I had trouble getting my head around sun, and sand and heat - but then I thought, what do you do when it's too hot outside? Visit the Aquarium, of course! So, my card was born........

I used the very popular Sea Breeze kit to put this together, plus I will admit to purchasing some more bits from this series to add to the mix. The kit came as a magazine with lots of 'free' pieces and papers, but the purchased bits included dies and more stamps and stuff.......including the die for this little sea horse, which coincidentally, lives just off the shore of this fact there is a Seahorse Aquarium tourist attraction in the North of the State.

There are always lots of seagulls and Pacific gulls standing around, waiting there opportunity....

Lots of shells and star fish on the beaches and in aquariums.....

My Aquarium window - stamped some more images inside before making the window and adding the sequins (which came with the pack).

So did the embossing folder - very nice
All card is SU card.

The pale blue is embossed with the new SU Embossing Folder to give the impression of the sea or water flow or whatever......

Hope you like it - I love going to an Aquarium, especially in summer!

I know, I cheated a bit........but it is seasideish......

Now, a previous post referred to the Echidna, and I was asked if it was real!!!
By Wynn, in fact, who had never heard of it I presume

Well, they belong to the same family as the Platypus - monotremes - and are the only mammals like this in the world, where they lay eggs instead of giving birth to live young but produce milk and lactate for their young. They have hair like other mammals too.

Image result for monotremes examples

Some hair follicles turn to spikes as a defense mechanism, and if frightened they roll into a ball (they are like a large football), and their spikes protrude. They will often dig into a bank or log, and present the dog or animal or human with a bunch of prickly spikes.  One day when I was quite a small child my Dad picked one up by it's back legs to show it to us, but he got it around the wrong way, belly in rather than belly out, and it peed all over him. My cousins, siblings and I laughed so hard as a consequence, that we peed ourselves I think! I have always remembered it and the day: a lovely blue summer's day with the sound of children's laughter pealing in the air - it shines in my mind.

They also walk with a funny wobbly walk and so make you laugh just looking at them.

What summer memories do you have and what sort of Summer Fun card can you make to share with us at Crafting with Dragonflies?

You have two weeks to show us your stuff!


Ina G said...

Awesome under the sea creation Susan. Fabulous layout with all those bits and bobs. Sure makes you think of summer - especially you as it must be feeeeezing down your way. Not so bad up my end but am a wimp and have my little wood fire to keep me warm. So lovely to be back at Crafting with Dragonflies for the month.

Wynn Walton said...

Love you blog Susan. It's always full of interesting facts. These creatures sound like the British hedgehog. We have them in Cyprus too and when we first came to live here we had our first sighting of seeing one climb a tree. I didn't know they climbed as always seen them at ground level. The hedgehogs are full of mites so not good to pick up. They look cute when they are out walking with there young.....usually stopping traffic waddling across the road.

I love your card and the aquarium sounds interesting too. Hate the noisy seagulls tho. Wynn xxx

Jarka Ef said...

very nice work. you have played with it :-) I should visit some sea