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Monday, July 25, 2016

Well, it did snow at sea level - eventually.......

The weather people told us it might and it did - but a week later than the first dire warnings! 
It snowed to sea level again

Photo of Geilston Bay from my veranda, taken by me!

We even had snow flurries at our place - but nothing settled of course!
Bloody cold but.......

Thought this card might be appropriate

I found some flimsy Christmas papers - magazine freebies - of penguins and snowflakes
See photo below to get an idea of the originals

So I cut out a section of penguins I liked and glued them onto some white card, and then fussy cut out individual penguins or a group of penguins in one case......

....and then took some of my Tim Holtz inks to the snowflake sheet in an attempt to create a sort of Southern Lights or Aurora by masking off sections and sponging on ink

The ice flow is from the pack of Dior perfume, cut to look like hillocks and with glitter on the top edge. I then positioned my penguins on these

I think they are Emperor Penguins - cute babies......

I put glue and sparkles on the snow flakes to create icy conditions
The sentiment is computer generated

My Aurora

So - my natives for this week - the penguins 
and the poor old Taswegians like me suffering from the cold weather!

Hopefully I have not caught a chill - yet!


Anonymous said...

Amazing card. You are so resourceful.
Stay warm and hope you don't catch a chill!

Ina G said...

Wow! Susan this is just gorgeous - giving me a chill just looking at it. I do feel for you and THAT COLD down your way. Love how you have put this all together to created such a great scene. FABULOUS...

Carole said...

I love your resourcefulness, Susan. Your aurora night sky is wonderful. x