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Monday, August 15, 2016

A matchbox for Unstampabelles Challenge #60

The current challenge #60 at Unstampabelles is to make something that IS NOT a card, and as usual don't use stamps when making it. The twist is to write up a tutorial or put in the link to the tutorial, on how you made your project.

I saw one of these decorated matchboxes on Pinterest - yes a great time waster, but so many pretty things.....and I decided to make one but a bit bigger than the normal match box size. I found I had a tutorial in my files, but was not sure where it had come from, so I will not lay claim to it. If it was you, many thanks: can you message me with your name so I can credit you - it is a great template and instructions.

It consists of a sleeve and a box and the box has flaps folded down on the smaller sides but not on the bigger sides. I made mine from one sheet of 12 x 12 double sided DP called fancy Sweet Pea - Abigail. All sizes were in inches, which suits me as I was born in the time of inches and still tend to think of them rather than centimeters. 

Once my sizes were cut out, I scored using my SU scorer anyway so really didn't have to think to much!

The instruction sheet calls this a Matchbox Cookie Gift Box

The sleeve is just folded over and over and glued along the inside - this is actually the bottom of my sleeve........

The box which slides into the sleeve with its flaps turned down and glued into place on the short ends
Then I just decorated it.

I sewed the hessian ribbon in place and layered wide lace, hessian and more lace to make a wrap around the sleeve. 

I rifled through the flower drawers and found some pink stuff, and added them, with a string of pearls and a bit of ribbon. Oh, and a charm. 

I did add a brad to the end of the box to allow pulling it open easier as well -you can just see it here above. It is a bit cold outside so I took the shots inside, and the bottom one is with the flash, so a softer  look at the colours, while the one above is with the lamp only. The colours are inbetween both.

This took me about an hour to make, discounting husbands interruptions.

Itis big enough to put a cookie inside if you wanted, but I think it would be better with chocolate, jewelry, silk scarf, or other small items inside as a gift box. You could even put a note inside with a gift voucher.

Unstampabelles runs for another two weeks

Oh, and here is another pretty photo of my state - this is the bridge I travel over to go to the city. I live on this side of the river - Hobart is on that other side! That is the Mountain   - Mt Wellington - in the background. Time would be about dusk. 

A beautiful shot of the Tasman Bridge by James Kerstan Photography.


Anonymous said...

What a handy little box. Gorgeous and girly with all the pink and beads.
Great pic of the bridge too. If I haven't said before I think you should get commission from tourism Tasmania.

Wynn Walton said...

Very pretty box. Your instructions are great too. Methinks I'll give this a go real soon. Thanks Susan for the inspiration and more lovely piccies of your country. Hugs Wynn xxx