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Monday, August 22, 2016

Last Week in August Challenge for Unstampabelles

Hi all - welcome to another Time to Play blog! 

Lake Rosebery in the early morning. The lake is so calm and peaceful. Thanks to Ellis in Wonderland for a very special shot.

This month Unstampabelles asked us to make something that was not a card and to either create a tutorial or include a link to a tutorial. I made a hinged lid box but the template I used is not mine and I have no permission to share. In fact I didn't use the template I had exactly but recreated it to suit myself but I still didn't feel I could show you that one. So I googled and found another that is very like this with a template available. You can find it HERE.

I used half a sheet of 12 x 12 DP - choose a fairly stiff sheet to use, closer to card than paper as it has to withstand being open and shut a few times. My template was an oblong box ready to take a block of chocolate but I massaged it into a square and filled it with Llint balls. It could take any number of different sweets, nuts etc or a cookie or whatever you wanted. I added a window pane of acetate using my circle die in the lid. The only problem I had was wondering if it would fit my Big Shot platform. It is a 4 1/2 inch square base, and with the sides being 1 inch that made it a bit big but I managed to get it done without chopping into the side pieces with the die.

I decorated it with some pieces from an Amy Tangerine pack - you can see the rest of the items in the plastic bag next to it here. I added the ribbon - initially all the way around, but of course when you opened the lid, the ribbon slipped off at the back, so I cut it and tucked the ends inside

You can see the ribbon ends tucked inside, the window clearly cut and the hinged lid in this photo.

In other words, he whole box - lid and all - is made from one continuous length of card. You could make it so the lid tucked into the top instead of sitting out as I did. The template above gives a third way of dealing with this.

A quick and easy gift box for a thank you, a welcome to the neighbourhood or a Christmas gift to workmates perhaps. 

If you go over to Unstampabelles you will find all the details and some more great inspiration.
You can get to there by clicking HERE and then scroll down to the Linky when you want to enter your project. 

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Anonymous said...

Great little treat box.