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Monday, August 1, 2016

Newest Challenge at Unstampabelles: #60 anything BUT a card

That month went swiiiiisssssshhhhhhhh!

OK August - traditionally the coldest month (for us) even though it is also supposed to herald spring

It’s also snowing on the Midlands Highway from Bianca Calleja

A photo taken last week on the Midland Highway between the North and South of the State of Tasmania - it takes us about two hours to go from one city to another ie Hobart to Launceston, but days like this mean a longer trip for most

In contrast, the weather as I write this is sunny and about 16 degrees - but the weather reporters are cautioning us against getting out the bathing suits and warn that there is more like last week on its way. My dear old (now passed) Dad was a farmer and it was on days like the one last week when he would appear in the kitchen from a perambulation around the lambing grounds,  in his Dry-as-a Bone coat and his old disreputable hat, and draw from the copious pockets of said coat new born lambs - deserted by death or other reasons by their mothers - and gently place them into the warming oven of the old slow combustion stove. No, not roast lamb you cynical readers. It would give them warmth and if they tottered out of the oven later in the day, they were fed from the bottle and be called 'Come On....', and be hand reared until they were old enough to eat grass and survive in the paddocks again. If they didn't do that, they were buried quietly. Such is life.....

What is the challenge, you ask?

Anything but a Card 
TWIST Create a tutorial in your blog OR add a link to the one you used to create the item

There is a prize for this challenge - random number selected.

I made a favor box - suitable for a wedding or a gift of thanks

Cute, huh!
This one takes four Lindt chocolate balls

The die is a SU one called Floral Thinlits - it has two parts - I used the bigger one for this, plus the cutting edge.Cut a strip of card to 8 inches x 4.25". Use a bone scorer to create two folds at 3.25 " in from each long edge. This is the base for the box to sit in. Lay the bigger die plus cutting edge as shown in photo below to the edge, with the straight edge along the first fold and die cut. 

Flip the card over, and repeat on the other end. By flipping over you allow for the top to be identical on both decorative edges. If you don't flip it over, they still match up but just not as neatly. It depends if you are OCD or not - mine is not flipped as I didn't (as per normal) realise you had to do it until I had cut it.

You have two lacy sides and a flat centre piece. Into this bit, I placed a small rectangle box. My box is 4.25 x 1.50 inches with a .75 inch edge around the whole, scored. Cut at the points indicated from outside to fold line, fold up the edges, and glue each resulting tab inside the box for stability. 

I also used some double sided tape to the bottom of the box before nestling it into the wrap. Then I added the chocolates or whatever, and used ribbon to tie close. I punched a heart and used a sticker sentiment, but I am contemplating at Christmas using a tag, and a Christmas snowflake, and making my boxes suitably festive!

As you can see, it sits four Lindt balls nicely into the box. 

There you are - my non-card project and the TWIST (to create a tutorial). Hope you can follow the tutorial and enjoy making the favor boxes. 

You can go to Unstampabelles and see what else the DT have created for inspiration. 

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Anonymous said...

Great pics of Tassie. Love the one on the Unstampabelles site. You should be getting commission from Tourism Tasmania.
Gorgeous little bag and a simple tutorial. I'm umming and arrhing about this die - it does look like it could be very useful.